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"The West is Next" is not just a slogan, but a warning and a call to action, urging us to stand against a growing threat.

Extremist groups such as HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, the Yemeni Houthis, and others, as well as the ruling regimes of Iran and Russia, recognize no boundaries and pose a real danger to the entire civilized world. Our task is to illuminate this reality, to bring the truth about the threat emanating from this Axis of Evil to the public eye—a threat that will not cease without decisive resistance.

Truth Against Terrorism

We face a vital mission—to counter the lies and disinformation actively spread by Islamist radicals.

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Their propaganda and narratives, rewriting history and distorting reality, threaten the world, endangering the lives of many, especially the Jewish people, echoing the darkest pages of history. By operating with facts and publishing objective information, we stand in defense not only of the entire Jewish nation but also to prevent a global catastrophe.
What does HAMAS truly represent?
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The word "Hamas," with ancient biblical roots, symbolizes unprecedented villainy against which the sacred texts of three world religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - warn.

"The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with Hamas (חמס, violence)." Torah (Bible), Bereishit (Genesis) 6:11

Divine intervention and the consequences for those who allow the ideology of Hamas to take root in their consciousness, home, and land are clearly outlined and unequivocal.

And God said, "The end of all flesh has come before me, for the earth is filled with Hamas (violence) through them; behold, I will destroy them with the earth." Torah (Bible), Bereishit (Genesis) 6:13

These lines from the sacred texts should enlighten the mind and provide the key to understanding what is happening in Gaza, as well as the foretold fate of those who exalt and support HAMAS. However, in a world where noise and falsehood often overshadow Truth, even believers often fail to see the clarity and relevance of the words they hold sacred and true!

Awareness - The Path to Safety

In today's world, Information is the most powerful weapon, skillfully wielded by Islamic extremists who distort facts and actively spread falsehoods to sow chaos throughout the civilized world. This threatens the security and stability of the global community, undermining the resilience, values, and peace we cherish!

Our task is to use the power of information for good, spreading the truth and revealing the true nature of threats to restore stability and harmony in the world.

Time to Act!

We call on you to act: learn more, analyze information, and seek the truth, educate yourself and those around you. Each of us must contribute to the fight for truth, to become a defender of facts and informational literacy.

Join Our Initiative

In collaboration with information agencies and with the support of the decentralized streaming platform Ace Stream, we create, publish, and actively disseminate content around the world capable of significantly influencing the audience and bringing positive changes to the course of history.

Step #1 What has been done:
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From October 9 to 13, we sought video content sources aimed at countering terrorism. Agreements were made with information agencies to obtain quality content to provide informational support to Israel.

On October 13, Ace Stream allocated part of its resources for free and started serving informational video content to the European audience.

From October 18 to 26, the multimedia hub Emet News (emet.news) was created for the publication of thematic content and its distribution in various convenient ways.

On October 20, the service epom.com was integrated to ensure the serving of video content in various multimedia networks and to obtain statistics data from an independent international ad serving system.

From October 20 to November 8, as part of our initiatives, over 14 million impressions of informational video content were made in the Ace Stream network, using the pre-roll format.

The impressions were funded by resources allocated by the Ace Stream project as sponsorship support, as well as funds provided by other sponsors (initiators) of the project, totaling $71,500 USD.

You can view detailed statistics of the impressions here: Analytics Dashboard

The statistics are based on data from the independent international service epom.com and are available for verification by sponsors/patrons of the project.

Note: Interaction with Ace Stream has given us access to one of the most powerful tools for promoting video information—the pre-roll format (showing clips to the viewer before viewing the main content). The importance of this collaboration is due to the fact that this format is not available for use in most networks for showing our published clips, due to restrictions on the distribution of such content.

On October 7, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) "Emet Live" was registered on the Ethereum network, and a treasury account was opened (Ethereum network address: 0xD5c2D8f9024799C1f0255371A6655f4C2bda584a). This was done for effective project management through DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and smart contracts, as well as for full transparent control over the use of funds by Patrons/Sponsors. To ensure the highest level of reliability and convenience for participants, the Aragon technology stack was employed.

You can view all transactions here: Emet Live DAO Dashboard

On October 9, the Emet Live site (emet.live) was launched into production, which took over the previously created multimedia hub Emet News, and a public fundraising campaign was launched to develop this project.

We have taken the first step towards ensuring safety by leveraging the most powerful innovative technologies and informational creatives. However, due to the limited financial resources of the project's initiators, on November 9, we were forced to suspend the serving of pre-roll format, which allows us to reach a multi-million audience in European countries. And now we need your help to continue and develop the mission we have started.

We hope for your prompt response and support, which will allow us to resume serving of informational content in the shortest possible time and start a more extensive development of the project together with you.

Step #2 What we can do together with you, right now
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- Carry out serving of informational clips in pre-roll format to the multi-million European audience of Ace Stream, in excess of 40 million views per month.

- Attract creative and high-level professional specialists to create high-quality video content (short informational and creative clips, educational videos, documentaries, and feature films).

- Create thematic channels on all popular social networks and ensure their rapid promotion.

- Form a professional team to move to step #3.

Become part of the most important fight of our time

Your support will help spread truthful information and enlighten the public. Together, we can form a coalition of enlightened citizens capable of countering threats and protecting the values we share. With your support, we can take the next step towards creating a safer and fairer world for all of us!

Your actions: Watch the video materials presented on our portal and take the next important step.

If you are convinced of the need to continue their broadcasts to the residents of European and other civilized countries, to gain their support and/or at least to counteract active anti-Semitic propaganda, then support us and contribute to the promotion of these clips around the world.

If you believe it is important to create additional and higher quality video materials, to provide informational support to Israel and to fight against propaganda and disinformation from Islamic extremists, we also urge you to support our mission.

Your contribution will help continue the dissemination of important informational materials worldwide and provide informational support to the people of Israel, who are in great need of it now.

The statistics of serving video content from this portal in pre-roll format

Analytics Dashboard
Emet Live DAO
Emet Live DAO Dashboard
About Us

We are a civic initiative consisting of representatives from the STL organization, fully aware of the failure of Israel's information policy and the vast deficit of truth in the global information space.

Our mission is to disseminate indisputable facts and reveal the true nature of threats. We aim to enlighten society to prevent any attempts to justify terrorism, tarnish the memory of terror victims, and distort perceptions of the brave defenders from the Israel Defense Forces. The world must know that the IDF soldiers are not just fighting Hamas, but are combating the global threat of Islamic extremism. In doing so, while defending the world from absolute Evil, which has shown its true face, they demonstrate a level of humanism unprecedented in the history of military conflicts.

Our fundamental goals:

- Effective and truthful representation of Israel in the global media space, with a primary focus on countering lies and misinformation.

- Fighting indifference and unawareness, especially among European citizens, to attract their attention and support.

Join us and our movement, and together we will spread the light of truth into the dark corners of lies and misinformation, to protect ourselves and the entire civilized world from terrorism. Together, we are strong!

Emet Live
Emet Live

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